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A short video of Steve Seidman installing wallpaper with customer's comments 

Residential Wallpaper Installation Samples

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A kill point is where the wallpaper pattern begins and ends, normally a mismatch.  I always try to hide that mismatch when I install wallpaper by fooling the eye. I cartoon cut around the pattern to make it flow rather than just ending dead. I like to make my seams invisible, so why not where it begins and ends. 
kenneth James by Brewster wallpaper


Museum Quality wallpaper installations

Philadelphia museum of Art

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Constitution Center Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Jewish History Museum Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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NASDAQ Stock exchange Philadelphia Pennsylvania

2012 large NASDAQ Mural.JPG (1533768 bytes) 2012 NASDAQ removal.jpg (4056988 bytes) 2016 Replacement NASDAQ.jpg (4186657 bytes) IMG_1391.jpg (1358271 bytes) 

2013 "winning walls wallpaper installer" American painting magazine and Zinnser's Rustoleum paints and primers

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